ECE 307 Techniques for Engineering Decisions

This course provides the skills and techniques need for solving some typical problems faced in making engineering decisions in industry and government. The focus is on analytic schemes and systematic methodologies for making decisions with explicit consideration of the economic aspects. Topics include the time value of money, selection of alternatives, scheduling, and inventory analysis and decision-making under uncertainty. Several test cases are covered.


ECE 333 Renewable Energy Systems

The course covers the basics of energy generation from renewable sources, the needed thermodynamics background, the structure and nature of the electric transmission grid, the integration of renewable resources into the grid in terms of technical, environmental and economic aspects and the regulatory framework for electricity.


ECE 530 Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Electrical Systems

This course covers fundamental analysis techniques for the analysis of large-scale electrical systems, including methods for nonlinear and switched systems. The course stresses the importance of the structural characteristics of such systems. The key aspects of static and dynamic analysis methods are presented


ECE 573 Power Systems Operation and Control

This course discusses energy control center functions, power system operating states, supervisory control and data acquisition, state estimation, on-line load flow, security assessment, economic dispatch, automatic generation control, optimal power flow, security constrained economic dispatch, multistage rescheduling, and equivalents.


ECE 588 Electricity Resource Planning

This course covers the basic techniques of electric utility resource planning, including methodologies for reliability evaluation and assessment, production costing, marginal costing, supply-side and demand-side   planning, and integrated resource planning. Throughout the course, probabilistic approaches are emphasized.